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Software for STHS Computer Students

  • Ready for Java version 1.7- Java Programming IDE. Developed by Holt Software. Now freely available.

  • NetBeans - a popular and free Java IDE. Requires you to download and install the Java JDK first.

  • Processing - A Java based programming language and IDE. It is a very powerful, yet simplified language that is becoming popular in post-secondary CS courses.

  • Arduino - Arduino is the programming language used to control the open source hardware which also is named "Arduino".

  • Python - Another powerful, and yet simple language becoming very popular in post-secondary CS courses. To use Python, you need to download both the Python language, and an IDE. Wingware makes a popular and free IDE.

  • Turing version 4.1 - Programming language and IDE also created by Holt Software. Freely available.
  • MSDNAA - Microsoft Developer Network Academic Aliance. STHS Computer students qualify for an MSDNAA account, which allows them to legally download a copy of Windows 7 (or Vista, or XP) for home use. Complete this form to request an account.

  • MS Virtual PC - Lets us create "virtual" computers running various operating systems. Very useful for working with "legacy" systems that won't work on your current operating system. Download for free directly from Microsoft, or get it from the MSDNAA.

  • OpenOffice - A free office software suite capable of reading and writing Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...) Can be downloaded from

  • Lego Digital Designer - A free 3D design program to allow computer technology students to design Lego NXT Robots